MPO connector IL RL meter


MPO812는 MPO connector 용 12 channel IL RL meter입니다.

하이브리드 MPO connector 측정을 위해서 12 channel RL meter 와 1 channel RL meter를 한 계측기에 integration 해서 reference 측정 시간을 대폭 감소 시켰습니다.

Key Features

Available to measure each channel with 1x12ch optical switch
High accuracy RL measurement  by using 13 receivers
Owing to Additional  source&Receiver can be measured in time (MPO to Single Connector)
2 kinds of source (1310&1550nm)  -Available to add 1490&1625nm

Data Sheets

MPO connector IL RL meter

Parameter Specification
IL Accuracy±0.03 dB
With 1xN switch
IL Repeatability±0.05dB
RL Accuracy±0.65dB
RL Repeatability±0.1 dB
Measure ModeMain Display & GUI

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