06.AVS300 launch : Automatic Volume production System02.MLA300 launch : Mutli-function LENS Alignment system)

12. OMS300 launch : Optical mash security system09. LWA300 launch : Laser Welding Alignment System08. ‘METHOD FOR POSITION DETECTION AND OPTICAL ALIGNMENT’  patent registration06. OTDR300 launch : Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR)03. LPU300 launch : LED Phosphor Uniformity measurement system03. S.FAC Venture company registration

12. MPO812 launch, MPO connector IL RL meter09. China International Optoelectronic Expo Participation in 2014, One Chip Aligner for optical splitter launch06. Tatoo Power Supply launch03. ROC300 launch : Interferometric ROC measurement system

12. FID300 launch : Ferrule Inner Diameter Automatic Classifier11. ‘OPTICAL FIBER ALIGNMENT METHOD’ patent registration10. S.FAC R&D center establishment09. China International Optoelectronic Expo Participation07. ‘MEASUREMENT INSTRUMENT’ patent registration06. GPM803 launch : IL-PDL-RL Meter04. ISA300 launch : IL Stability Analyzer02. SPM300 launch : AWG Measurement System

12. FFI300 Launch : Ferrule End Face Inspection System11. ‘VIBRATION MEASUREMENT INSTRUMENT FOR PICO SCALE’ paten registration10. ASE300 Launch : Amplified spontaneous emission Source08. CPS300 Launch : Corepitch measurement05. Factory registration03. OLA300 Launch : OLED lifetime analyzer01. GMP836 Launch : Multi channel IL-PDL –RL Meter

11. SF300 launch : Auto-aligner for optical splitter09. S.FAC Venture company registration08. Move to Daeduck technovally R&D district04. PM1000 launch : polishing machine03. S.FAC establishment